laundry basket

3 Jul

Here is an IKEA laundry basket that functioned quite well… till it got dirty and torn and then one day shock horror mould appeared in the bottom ruining my favourite wool romper suit!

So I had a good reason to cut the old stuff off and sew a new one, I opted for a nice blue- white striped linen, very suitable for laundry but James chose the safari fabric and if the monkeys and lions will encourage him to drop his dirty socks in there then what the hell. I made it with velcro so it is washable.


piggy pogácsa

1 Jan

I found this great idea on this hungarian veggie blog, a combination of piggies and pogácsa, Manka’s top favourites! Pogácsa is a bit like a cheese scone or a cheese roll, typical Hungarian treat, featuring in many old folk tales. It come in many shapes, sizes and flavours; our favourites are cheese and pumpkin seeds. This is my first attempt at pogácsa and it turned out quite well. We grown ups eat only the small ones leaving Manka to enjoy her Piggy Pogácsa! She first bites the snout and the ears of the gobbles up the rest.

(she had a generous amount of lasagna first hence the paprika colour)

home made christmas

1 Jan

This christmas my only aim was stress free and relaxed, so we took it as easy as possible. Even though I was deep in translation work I still managed to make some gifts, crafting I find is a great way to relax!

Here are two waldorf dolls for my cousins and a new-born doll for Manka:

waldorf, steiner, doll

Children apparently need to reanact the care they are given. Well, Manka is happy to nurse the hippo, or feed the goat named horsie, but still doesn’t show much interest in humanoid toys. Can’t blame her, I was the same. The nappy, however is a big hit as it fits one of her froggies. Guess who wears the nappy?

I also made some last minute christmas crackers. I didn’t fancy going to town this year to buy the only available crackers in M&S this year, so I decided that we don’t need them. Then as the usual family christmas drew nearer I started panicking about it, knowing how much my nephews and nieces love our weird English traditions. So crackers had to be. I found little toys, James got some great christmas jokes (What is Santa’s favourite bread? Ho-ho-ho-wholemeal!) we got toilet rolls but no bangers. Still they were a big hit. Gotta get some bangers next year, or at least dynamite…

diy christmas crackers

James got a tiny kaleidoscope in his cracker, and happily put it in front of the camera to create art 🙂

James made a lovely nut roast, and I made gingerbread (honey bread) and Manka would only eat the duck and star-shaped ones. They also made good prezzies:
ginger bread

You’ll never walk alone…

22 Jul

mei tai

I made this mai tei for James’ birthday back in March. Not that he ever wanted one, he is very happy with the Beco Baby carrier and our red castle pushchair. (Because it has wheels and lovely red colour, just like a certain football club) Anyway, I wanted to make a mei tai and since his birthday was coming up I just picked a decoration I know would go down very well with him. My friend has a lovely bamberoo mei tai so I studied that to get a rough idea of a mei tai since I have never used one before.  Found a special work clothes fabric shop you can get strong twill, it is also quite cheap but the colours are quite mechanic’s jumpsuit colours, but luckily they have red.  The decoration was a biggie, I knew what I wanted but had no desire or time to embroider it, so I drew it after the Liverpool FC logo but of course had to modify it to fit the babywearing theme, then talked to a local footy shop, and they were so nice the guy “vectored” it and printed on the fabric for hardly any money! My old Bernina struggled a lot with these many layers, the most it 6 layers of twill and one fleece! So in the end I had to hand stitch quite a lot.

James of course loved it…. but still prefers the beco! 😦

mei tai on jim

one more dolly

20 Jul

wire dollEmese, who is a busy mum of 3 soon 4 generously taught me how to make “wire dolls” when I visited her last week. These are tiny, 15 cm dolls made with pipe cleaning wire and wool. It is extremely fiddly, very difficult to stitch those tiny hands/ shoes and of course the hair is difficult too! There were moments when I was questioning my sanity. But it was worth it because Manka immediately took to the doll and started talking to her! So I might make a grandma, a hunter and a wolf next….

star shaped doll

11 Jul

Here is Manka’s new doll, waldorf style of course. It is somewhat like the good old red star so we might call it Vladimir. There are wooden beads sewn in and a ball rattle in the hat. This is my third waldorf doll and the first one with dot eyes. Hope Manka will play with this one!


manka and the boys

29 Mar

went out in the snow! (back in january)